Mindi's Family

Hi everyone!

I hope you have regained function of your fingers!  :-)

Thanks for being good sports yesterday in the "windchill freezing temps"!  You folks were troopers; especially the ladies!

Take a look through the gallery and let me know which images you'd like and I'll create the 16x24 files.  Those will be sent via DropBox when completed.

Terry, as I mentioned, if you find one group portrait where everyone looks great except for a couple of people, I can substitute faces from other images for a nominal expense of $15/face.  That way, you'll have a portrait where everyone looks great.

Enjoy the gallery and please continue replying to the original email (don't start a new one) as it's easier to reference items that way.

Have a fun day everyone.  Thank you again for hiring me.  Tony  :-)

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