Grace C.

Hi Grace and Missi!

Thank you again for selecting me to capture your high school senior pictures; I'm very appreciative!  :-)

Your gallery has many solid choices for whatever you decide to purchase.  The $300 you've paid so far is applied to whatever you purchase in the end.

In retrospect, I really like the pics that include your hand on the side of your arm beginning at #24.  I'm not sure why they didn't appeal to me when we shot them but they are cool.

Also, cropping an image adds to the intrigue so I took some artistic liberties to hone in on the interesting parts of the images through cropping.  Cropping can also remove distracting items, too.  

Remember to refer to the email for answers to your questions. If there is something I didn't address, be sure to contact me at 440-670-1742.

All for now.  Enjoy your gallery and looking forward to receiving your selections.  Tony  :-)

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