Hi Gerry!

Thanks for the opportunity!  I have an assortment of professionally lighted and naturally lighted images for your gallery.  It was a challenging shoot due to the fact that the detail was in the carbon fiber and in order to see the detail, the images needed to be close up.  And the carbon fiber gets lost from a distance but the wheels still look very cool.

It was also windy which kept blowing debris in the air and on the wheels.  Also, he drove through some crap that is evident on one of the tires. 

Once you email me and mention the work it satisfactory, I'll send you all of the images without the watermark.  I'll follow with a PayPal invoice per your instructions.

In addition to the full assortment, I'd be willing to pay some extra attention to an additional 10 since that's what I normally do because not everything looks its best right out of the camera.  Also, there were some items in the background (dumpster, etc) that can be removed if it's in the background of one of your 10.  I can also clean up  cracks in the pavement and remove the tire goo if any of those items are in your final 10.

Lastly, you'll see a n umber of images that range from super dark to super light.  Those are for my needs in the final stages is required.

Gotta run to an assignment.  Looking forward to your list.

Thanks again.  Tony

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