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File pricing is dependent upon the number of people in the image.

Please email, phone (440-543-1117) or text me (440-670-1742) what you'd like and payment will be taken care of then.

Prices are as follows:

(1) person image is $15.50

(2-3) people in image is $31

(4+) people in one image is $52

The image number to reference is located in the orange bar above your image.

You can create your own favorites folder, also.

Checking out via the cart will add shipping and that's only for tangible items. 

I will email you your image once payment has been remitted.

Hi and thank you for visiting! 

Congratulations on a fantastic event; it's refreshing to see so many people in the same industry coming together to befriend each other and share stories.

All of the images contained in the gallery will be cropped before being sent to you so you won't see the edge of the backdrop.

Images where the bodies extend beyond the width of the background will have some of the wall showing unless you'd like to invest an additional $20 to have the background edited in.

I am available for professional listing photography as well as professional head shots and team shots. Video is also in my arsenal!

I take excellent care of all of my clients so please email me here.

Lastly, Real Producers Magazine is an awesome place to advertise and locate real estate resources.  Be sure to contact advertisers when you're seeking a product or service!

Thank you, again.  Tony Palmieri

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