Santa at the Library

Hi Parents,

Thank you for taking time to bring your child to visit Santa.  He sure was happy you came! Please view the gallery and order the items that you feel will make for timeless heirlooms for your children to show their children.

I will crop the images tighter if the viewable picture extends beyond the background so don't let that dissuade you.

Everything is very affordable because you should own these files and all orders will require you to email me by clicking here.  (1) 8x10 digital file is $19.99 and (2) or more drop to $14.99 each.  Again, these are the digital negatives for you to print from forever.  Payments made by credit card have a 5% convenience fee and all purchases are subject to sales tax.  I'll provide a total in my reply.  I only need the three digit number portion of the file name in the orange bar when you enlarge the thumbnail.

If you want gorgeous portraits, be sure to take part in my outdoor family portraits in a couple of weeks on Sunday, the 23rd, Weds. 26th and Saturday, Jan 5th.  You won't find a better offer/quality in the area.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.  Please share this event with friends. 

Thank you very much!  Tony Palmieri

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