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Hey 2025 Grads & Parents,

Congrats On Becoming Seniors and Senior Parents!

 If you're desiring:

- beautiful, timeless images of your Senior

- to enjoy forever

- after a fun and memorable experience

- fairly priced

then you're at the right place!

I'm a commercial photographer specializing in business branding and have photographed for several magazines.  I have been capturing high school Seniors for 20 years and I create beautiful, high quality portraits that you'll love to look at forever!

If your Senior is an athlete, I'm a 3 sport athlete during my high school days and it's always fun to hang with athletes of today.

If your Senior isn't an athlete, that's cool, too, because I enjoy hanging with/photographing Seniors who can enlighten me regarding their talents whether it's acting, music, debate, etc.

And, I'm yearbook approved by most schools in the area

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I'm available at 440-670-1742

to inquire more or to schedule your session.

I truly appreciate your consideration and promise you'll be satisfied.  Tony Palmieri